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Cosmetic & Aesthetic Procedures

Get Botox, Dermaplaning and Other Cosmetic Procedures in Yellowknife

At Adam Dental Clinic in Yellowknife, we understand that skincare is sometimes a challenge as regular beauty routines can leave a lot to be desired. Along with a range of dental services and treatments, we also offer cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, including botox, dermaplaning, microneedling and more.

Are you struggling with acne, ageing skin, oily skin, clogged pores, or other skin issues? Our doctors and technicians can take care of it. You can count on our team for their talent, skill, attention to detail and conscientious care. Contact us to book an appointment today.

Our Services

Look and feel good with our cosmetic treatments and aesthetic procedures at Adam Dental Clinic, including:

 Botox: Injections of Botox or Dysport are used to soften the skin and relax facial muscles to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Body slimming: Get one step closer to the figure you've always dreamed of with non-surgical body slimming treatments. We use advanced technology to safely and comfortably deliver energy below the skin's surface, where it works to tighten skin and reduce circumference*. The result is a slimmer figure with a more defined shape. Today's treatments can target both smaller, hard-to-hit areas like the arms and jawline, and larger, more common problem areas like the abdomen and thighs.

  Chemical peels: Chemical peels are an exfoliating procedure that uses a chemical solution to remove the outer layer of skin to reveal glowing and healthy skin. Chemical peels can be helpful in reducing fine lines, discolourations and rough skin texture. This procedure includes:

  • Double cleanse
  • Face mask and serums tailored to your needs
  • Moisturizer and SPF

Dermal filler: Using hyaluronic acid fillers, we can smooth wrinkles and restore the volume and fullness of the face and lips. A consultation is required prior to treatment.


Dermaplaning: Using a surgical blade, we remove vellus hair and the outer layer of the epidermis to reveal new and glowing skin. Removing this layer of dead cells and dirt will allow for better penetration of your skincare products as well as smoother makeup application. This procedure includes:

  • Double cleanse
  • Warm towel treatment with extractions
  • Face mask and serums tailored to your needs
  • Moisturizer and SPF

  IPL acne treatment: Venus Concept's Venus Versa™ acne treatments use dual lights that work to heal existing acne-related inflammation, while also destroying acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts. Sometimes referred to as IPL photo facial for acne, IPL for acne produces noticeably smoother, healthier-looking skin that you'll be happy to show off.

IPL photofacial: Have you started noticing small brown spots on your skin? If so, you’re not alone. Many patients who have spent extended time in the sun are vulnerable to experiencing accelerated signs of premature aging on their face, hands and decollate. These sunspots are a form of skin damage, and they represent one of the most common skin concerns. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to improve your skin tone and restore a more youthful-looking complexion, a photofacial treatment. With an IPL photofacial, you can achieve noticeably brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin. Each photorejuvenation treatment also works on vascular marks, such as spider veins and capillaries.

Laser hair removal: Venus Concept is transforming hair removal by using advanced technology to permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and body. You can finally enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with results that last longer than traditional methods. Avoid ingrown hairs, skin irritation and time-consuming plucking or waxing.

Microdermabrasion: Using an instrument that includes suction and a diamond tip, we remove the thicker outer layer of the skin while removing oil and debris from pores. This treatment is excellent for refining skin texture, reducing acne scars and discolouration, and overall skin rejuvenation. This procedure includes:

  • Double cleanse
  • Warm towel treatment with extractions
  • Face mask and serums tailored to your needs
  • Moisturizer and SPF

Microneedling: A skin rejuvenation procedure that involves using an instrument to create micro-injuries to the skin, which will trigger a healing response and force the skin to recreate some of the collagen and elastin that are lost naturally through ageing. A great treatment to reduce fine lines, discolourations, and acne scarring, and it takes years off your skin's appearance. A consultation is required prior to treatment.

Skin resurfacing: If you're one of many people who are bothered by their uneven skin texture—be it scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores, or stretch marks—the solution is easier than you'd think. Venus Concept's targeted fractional skin resurfacing treatments can effectively reduce signs of skin damage and improve the appearance of uneven skin texture, no matter how fair or dark your skin tone.

Skin tightening: Non-surgical radio frequency treatments rejuvenate the appearance of skin by safely and comfortably heating the tissue under the skin's surface. This triggers the natural production of collagen and elastin, the key building blocks of healthy, youthful skin. The result is effortlessly tighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin. Sagging skin on the face, chin, neck or on body can be hard to deal with; fortunately, with Venus Versa, this is no longer an issue!

Our Certified Providers

  • Dr. Rob Krushel MD FRCSC
  • Jennie Howie, Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician
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